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In a competitive world, one must be equipped with certain core skills and encourage creativity or innovation and invention skills to match the new age. However, these skills must match with the global demand for sustainability which aims at reducing carbon emission, reduce poverty in households, and reduce the inequality that is gender and community based as indicated in the SDG agenda of the UN. It is on such a basis, that the company through its Creativity agenda seeks to support the residents to integrate inclusive of the seniors staying active through handcraft works training, production, and sales.



Empowering through creativity works as a driver of sustainable development. And such an approach empowers a group of residents to participate in cross-cultural dialogue, creative and collective problem-solving. With a big wave of change in climate and environment degradation, there is a wide need for conservation to have healthy surroundings to live in and saving the future generation from such adverse effects that could be caused by carelessness. The company has a great advocacy to recycle much of the plastics (most of which ends up in water bodies to spoil the aqua system) out of which materials are acquired to make beautiful handicrafts maintaining a plastic-free society while equipping the residents with life skills to rely and live on.


As an organization, we will focus on the collection of paper materials of any kind and plastic bags collection during our operations and processes, however, to add more value and uniqueness to the innovations, we shall integrate other nontoxic materials from plants and earth for example clay products and fibers. wood


Whereas we are a for profit organization, our products are sold at an almost free price since the input is not match, and the company also partly survives on donations from private individuals who see good in our cause and others who would want to be part of the team especially the elderly in pension age who still need to be active in society. 


The owner of the company is a Ugandan by birth who moved to Sweden many years ago to live with her newfound family, she was always passionate about saving the environment, one of the key factors that drove her initiative. She tells her story, “when I was about to come to Sweden. I started thinking of what to do when I finally settled in, I knew finding a job would be a big challenge because of the language barrier. I thought about creativity and right away made a search for a person to train me by using recycled paper, grass, banana fibers, wood amongst others. When I got to Sweden in two weeks-time, I commenced my project of making paper beads from recycled papers and bags. I inquired from my husband if he had any friends who could pick interest in my work, unfortunately the three (3) he asked had no interest whatsoever with no idea of who would buy my handmade stuff as well. I never gave up because the ‘impossible’ isn’t anywhere in my vocabulary. With a burning desire and persistence things fell into play. In a month’s time, my husband had to attend the dog’s club in Östersund and asked me to go with him, I let him know about taking my handmade crafts. He replied that, where we were going was a Dogs’ club not a marketplace. I insisted since I was dying to have the peoples’ different reactions regarding my stuff. He finally succumbed to my pressure. We finally got there, and the language of the day was Swedish which I couldn’t understand. At that point, I needed to have an approachable and eloquent person to have a talk on my behalf and have my items recognized. Luck brought me this lady, who showcased my items around, and bags, necklaces, and bangles were bought. They went ahead to advise me to look for summer marketplaces in newspapers which I later did. First attempt in the market, we were only two people selling. It started at 11:00am and by 2:00pm my colleague had already left because at that time we both had no sales. But because I am persistent, I stayed and a big, two clutch bags, necklace and three bangles were sold, retiring to home with more than 1000Kr. This was an eye opener and immediately saw this project in 10 years already. Later I went back to Uganda while waiting on my residence permit, started training some people in creative work free of charge”.




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