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Although many businesses are closing during this coronavirus season, the need for carbon emission reduction remains a big requirement, the same way we must not downplay the threat for global warming which is fast approaching. Because of such imminent threats, we should not close down sustainability activities or deviate from doing eco business. Due to our limited resources and lack of abundant influence to lobby for policy changes in the political arena or actively cut down on carbon emission as big consumers of fossil fuels can, we resolved to be part of the struggle by Crafting products from recycled paper materials and plastic bags as another way of educating not only the young generation (because they are going to be tomorrow’s new generations), but also remind the old that it is never too late to reverse the consequences of the past irresponsible lifestyle lived, that it is still possible through them to exhibit actions of selflessness and regard for the future generation.   

Other stakeholders are also being appealed to through our drives for example, entrepreneurs and politicians. Using recycled materials into useful products is a great way to reduce the piles of waste paper from people’s homes, offices, and carbon footprints from the environment. Turning waste materials into useful products for example paper beads reduces the market of plastic beads. “Let’s go in for biodegradable, environment friendly, cheap paper beads to reduce our carbon footprint” that is what every eco-friendly consumer would think and say, as it keeps the earth healthy instead of using plastic beads.

Why Crafts

As an eco-based company, we are passionate about saving the environment. We clearly understand this through our forebears while growing up as children. The notion of “Utilize what you have before buying another one”, has always echoed back through our entire lives. The waste bins hold the trash until it is disposed of after capacity, we feel it prudent to hinge on this fact and cover the market gap while fulfilling the need for society to live a waste free life.




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